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. the meeting with president obama, william daley, and the three house republicans lasted over an hour. it focused mainly on the economy. three house republicans lasted over an hour. it focused mainly on the economy. all parties involved came out making optimistic sounds about bipartisanship. >> he thought it was very constructive. >> whether it is education, whether it is tax policy, whether it's trade, or even cutting spending, i think we can find common ground. >> i guess the particulars in the details will be where the disagreements may lie. >> but the republican leadership's disagreements may not be only with democrats.ç joining me now, msnbc analyst and author of revival, richard wolf. richard, the meeting today in the white house, was there any possibility of any real governing decisions being made there? >> no, my sources tell me they stuck to generalities and stuck to what is essentially a high stakes poker game. the white house does not want to put a cause out on the table. they want to see what republicans put out there in terms of specifics as the package run at the top o
. >> bill: the far left in a lather over my interview with president obama. but why the angst? the answer is power. laura ingraham and dick morris will analyze. >> a lot of americans feel that you are a big government liberal. >> a lot of americans believe that. >> i give you credit. you have a pretty big viewership. >> bill: body language breaks down the super bowl sunday interview. that should be interesting. >> get a kick in there, billie. >> bill: dennis miller will weigh in on the interview, the super bowl, and michael moore suing to get money. say it ain't so hefty man. [ laughter ] >> bill: caution, you are to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. power, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as predicted in my newspaper column, which you can read on bill o'reilly.com, extremists on both the right and the left did not like my interview with president obama but for far different reasons. on the far right, many folks simply despise the president and want him disparaged at all times.
gracias jorge volvemos más adelante vamos a una pausa a la vuelta el presidente obama se reúne ( ♪ música ) >>> el presidente barack obama y líderes republicanos de la cámara de representantes trataron de buscar hoy estrategias comunes para generar empleos, los republicanos van a trabajar con obama para recortar gastos e impulsar el comercio lourdes desde washington nos dice de qué más hablaron el mandatario demócrata y líderes republicanos. cómo trabajar juntos para crear empleos y re saquitos vactivar dominó la reunión del presidente obama. y creemos para lograr esto necesitamos cortar los gastos y detener regulaciones innecesarias que impiden que los pequeños negocios contraten gente. dijeron que esto es un apoyo coco r corea del sur, colombia y panamá. el portavoz de la casa blanca robert gibs dijo que están de acuerdo en controlar los gastos pero hay que proteger cientos programas pero hay muchos demócratas que piensan que los republicanos van a mbloquear todo. >>> ellos quieren quitar aba ba obama de la casa blanca, en este mes como líderes como la mayoría, que han h
sentamos cara a cara esta tarde con la primera dama michel obama al cumplirse el primer aniversario de su campaña nacional en contra de la obesidad infantil. >> (♪). >> este es su noticiero univisión con jorge ramos y desde la capital de la nación, maría elena salinas. >>o univno muy de cercanoticier mubarak de renunciar dondeunivio michel obama sobre la obesidad y lo que considera un asuntiocier exclusiva adelante. >> gracias comenzamos el noticiero con una entrevista en exclusiva con el gobernador del estado de méxico enrique peña nieto. >> lo inusual de esta entrevists han dicho abiertamente que quieren ser presidente de méxico quiere ser presidente de méxico?. >> para todo político alcanzar esta ma esta... sin duda un gran desafío en lo personal. >> respeto las definiciones que otros han tomado de manera anticipada pero respetar que esta definición,isionotih@notic desde hace dos años y las muchas que me han venido haciendo, define se ya, he dicho, a diferencia quizás de los otros actores cuya gestiono responsabilidad concluye al 2012 la mía concluye en el 2012. >> pero
that president obama is a muslim? well, it gets worse. they also think that the president hates america. first lady michelle obama re spopds. this is the story that has me fired up first tonight, folks. for the second time this week, president obama reached out to the obstructionists who were on a mission to see him fail. on monday, the president went over to the chamber of commerce and told america's business leaders to show some economic patriotism but creating some jobs. well, today the president had house republicans over for lunch. he met with john boehner, house majority whip kevin mccarthy and eric cantor. cantor was smauking smack before the big lunch with the president. cantor took the president to task for his statement that he made in the chamber on monday. >> as we work with you to make america a better place to do business, i'm hoping that all of you are thinking what you can do for america. ask yourselves what you can do to hire more american workers. what you can do to support the american economy and invest in this nation. >> what you can do to help america. it's a golden sound
the signal that we should start growing again as america. >> president obama says he is looking forward to working with the gop and other democrats on cutting the budget and trimming the debt. he unveils his new budget plan next week. the republicans roll out their proposal tomorrow. >>> virginia's attorney general trying to expedite taking president obama's health care plan to the speak. he filed a petition to leapfrog the appeal's court review and take the case straight to the high court. the republican lawmaker wants the supreme court to consider the challenge to spare states and the private sector expenses. >>> we are tracking a little snow that could dust our area tonight. chief meteorologist topper shutt is on it. he has got the details. and up next, a break through in the treatment of breast cancer. what it means for every woman and man who has been diagnosed with this disease. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond, it's easy to spot a capital one bank. ♪ ♪ ♪ the most branches and atms in the dc area. one near you. [ all ] what's in your wallet? one near y
over control to the egyptain military. screen left, president obama arriving for a preplanned speech in michigan. we're told that he was watching events on board air force one very closely. and we expect to hear from him soon. screen right, we're awaiting a state department briefing with p.j. crowley. it was scheduled for 1:15 eastern time. it's now floated, but we expect it to happen soon. this crisis began back on january 26. demonstrators motivated by the ousting of tunisia's president. protesters taking to the streets to demand the resignation of mubarak. violence broke out, injuries and deaths. from there, a curfew was put in place, internet and phone service shut down. the u.s. started to pay attention. protesters and the president of egypt refusing to back down. by february 2, tensions boiled over. journalists targeted, injured, attacked, including our own greg palkot. by february 3, the u.n. estimated that 300 people had died. the protesters digging in their heels. more organized protests reported on february 8. all of that brings us to this moment. shortly after 10:00 a.m. e
president obama says his's a christian, there's no beating back the drumbeat from the right that he's a muslim. check it out from fox news, with a republican caucus voters in iowa. >> i believe that he is a muslim. >> you do? >> yes. >> how would you believe that here?ç >> wow. >> wow, that's ten raised hands out of 25 republican caucus voters. 40%, they believe this nonsense apparently. these are the folks who picked the next gop presidential nominee. the iowa rep caucus attenders, religions and reality our top story tonight. it looks like he's crashed at a tea party event him celeste last night. the right wingers always talk about freedom and liberty, so why are they lining up behind the old guard in egypt and not the people in the streets? could they see freedom as their kind or their way? >>> and the return of the culture wars. some republican congressmen are stoking up the abortion fight. whatever happened to all that talk about creating jobs? finally tweeting his words, the painful lesson rick santorum just learned about criticizing herself, sarah palin. that's in "the sides
obama told audiences that an event in michigan that we're witnessing history unfold. a very optimistic but short statement from mr. obama. evans in cairo suggesting rather different picture. in some sense, washington has got what it has been pushing for behind-the-scenes for some time. mr. mubarak handed over power to his vice-president, talking about constitutional amendments, but he is insisting he will stay in place through elections in september and talked only of opening the door to lifting egypt's emergency law. from the pictures we have seen in cairo, it is not what to the protesters wanted. i do not think it is what mr. obama had in mind. he is right now on air force one traveling back to washington and it will be interesting to see how quickly he does or does not come out to make a public statement about this. i think the white house will say what it has said throughout, we must watch and wait and this crucial line that has been repeated again and again, the egyptian people are going to be the drivers of this process. washington wants to be on the right side of history in the
, the big right-wing lie. no matter how many times president obama says his's a christian, there's no beating back the drumbeat from the right that he's a muslim. or something like it. check out this graphic moment from fox news with republican caucus voters in iowa. >> i believe that he is a muslim. >> you do? >> yes. >> how many of you believe that here? >> wow. >> wow, that's ten raised hands out of 25 republican caucus voters. 40%, they believe this nonsense apparently. remember, these are the folks who pick the next gop presidential nominee. the iowa republican caucus attenders. republicans, religion and reality, our top story tonight. plus, suspicions confirmed. when all those tea partiers won in november, they threatened more trouble to republicans, we thought. well, here it goes. tea parties helped vote down an extension of the patriot act. o tea party himself last night. the right wingers always talk about freedom and liberty, so why are they lining up behind the old guard in egypt and not the people on the streets? the protesters in tahir square. could they see freedom
by white house officials throughout the day. >> reporter: with president obama traveling to michigan on a pre-scheduled day trip, white house aides chose their words carefully. the president was briefed in the oval office by national security advisor and watched developments on air force one. as the events were still unfolding, president obama in marquette, michigan, spoke to the magnitude of the moment. >> is what absolutely clear, we are witnessing history unfold. the moment of transformation that is taking place because the people of egypt are calling for change. >> reporter: and mr. obama spoke about the young people of egypt who have mobilized and demanded a transformation of their government. >> we want those young people and all egyptians to know that america will continue to do everything we can to support and orderly and genuine transition to demgz in egypt. >> reporter: as the events evolved in egypt, from the american perspective, experts say there is a real dilemma with these types of events. >> the administration is in an awkward position. we don't want to prop out the d
divide is trade. the administration point man on that says president obama will send a deal with south korea to congress soon but the republicans are not satisfie mike emanuel tells us why. >> on capitol hill, the trade representative tried to sell lawmakers on administration commitment to free trade. ambassador ron kirk said they need adjustment. >> colombia and panama have begun to take important steps and we think it's a good signal but more remains to be done. the issues are different. in coalmost byia, there -- colombia, there is long-standing concerns. >> after lunch at the white house with the president, speaker boehner said the house is ready to move forward on free trade now. >> there is a lot of support for south korea. but also quite a bit of support for colombia and panama. it is clear there is an interest to move all three and the sooner the better. >> monday, president mentioned the korea free trade deal once ratified by congress would sustain 70,000 american jobs. >> that is the kind of deal i'll look for as we pursue trade agreements with panama and columbia and work to
and bob kagan, stay with us for just a minute. yes, vi, you're a 2020 battleground state. next, the obama administration's top counterterrorism officials and their chilling message. >> in some ways, the threat today may be at its most heightened state since the attacks nearly ten years ago. [ male announcer ] sometimes after surgery straining should be avoided. colace capsules stool softener helps ease straining to make going easier. try colace capsules for effective comfortable relief from occasional constipation. save $3 right now. go to getconstipationrelief.com. can a trading site help make you a sharper trader? mine can. td ameritrade can. they've got trading specialists i can call for help. and paper trading. free practice trading that helps me hone my technique. complex options. and free tutorials. online or in person. can a trading site really make a difference? if it can't, why are you trading there? number one in online equity trades: td ameritrade. trade commission-free for 30 days, plus get up to $500 when you open an account. curtis: welcome back to geico geck csteve, go righ
for being with us. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, huge test for president obama. special appearances on the record. former president george herbert walker bush, former first lady barbara bush go on the record minutes away. >> first, a blockbuster letter gets dropped on president obama. this is a telling test does the president want a quick answer on whether the new health care law is constitutional or not? so the nation can plan or is he playing games? 28 republican governor sent a letter to the president demanding the fast track to the supreme court. asking the justice department attorney general holder to join the 28 governors in asking the supreme court for an expedited decision on the constitutionality of the health care legislation. former governor -- florida governor scott joins us. in your state you have the 26 or 28 states, who have won the decision from the court that the mandate and the entire statute is unconstitutional. it can linger through the courts or go immediately to the supreme court to fast track. why do you want fast track? >> we want to -- f
: are president obama's election -- ever chances slipping away? sarah palin is here. >> the root lies in the existence of this extremist ideology. >> sean: british prime minister makes surprising statements about muslims and multi-cull turpl. . mark stein says maybe he has a point . >> >> sean: the vice president is at it again, this time with a 53 million dollar boondoggle on his hands. >> conditions are worse with this administration. >> sean: not everyone in hollywood is happy with obama. my old buddy ed asner rips into the president on the radio. hannity starts right now. welcome to this wednesday edition. in a moment i will be joined by governor palin. we begin with new caned s of president obama's reelection chances in 2012 are dwindling. according to a cnn poll a majority of the americans expect the president to lose his reelection bid. only 46% believe he will win a second term. those numbers could be the result of the growing opposition on the president's handling of the economy. his approval rating dropped to a new low only 27% approve of his handling of this monstrous defic
asked about that honor. >> i think it's a real honor. when obama called me about it, i was thrilled and i consider the medal of freedom a very special thing. i don't know whether the american people do so i'll be up there getting my little thing, the rosette for the lapel. >> the medal of freedom is the nation's highest civilian honor. mr. bush will receive the award on february 15th at the white house. and those are the headlines. congratulations. >> that's awful nice. >> the ongoing crisis in egypt continues as now there's a general strike over there and now the protesters who were told to go away are fanning out to the parliament building as well as the health and human services building. now, more behind the scenes, back channel talks are being exposed and confirmed by the white house that shows the saudi king essentially firing a verbal warning shot to president obama. >> that's right. ford and you're looking live at pictures of the people in the streets right now in cairo. four days after the people took to the streets, apparently the king of saudi arabia called barack obama
about the first family today. up next after a break, why the obamas, like a lot of other parents, have made one very popular place off limits for their two girls. >>> the winter of our discontent continues tonight with texas, oklahoma, kansas, arkansas, right there in the middle of it. up to two feet of snow have fallen in the region today. parts of oklahoma, like tulsa town, have set all-time records for snowfall. temperatures are 25 degrees below normal. schools, airports, government offices, businesses all closed and blowing snow made driving absolutely impossible in some places. and remember these are a lot of places not used to conditions like this. >>> last night we told you about a new revelation from first lady michelle obama. she said and with certainty really for the first time her husband, the president, has quit smoking. well, this morning in an interview with matt lauer here on the "today" show, the first lady revealed there's still no facebook in their household for the obama girls. >> sasha and malia, are they on facebook? >> no. >> is that because of who they are or bec
are. >>neil: this is the same day that -- he is talking about president obama and this report that the saudi king has told president obama to say cool it on the antimubarak stuff, if you don't fund him and you take money away from the government we will fill the slack. what is going on here? >>guest: well, again, that is the only message he could give, the only justification. he is desperate, reaching for messages that he would hope would resonate with the generation people. and i don't think it means a long term break in relationship. clearly it was useful for him at this moment. >>neil: thank you. before we get to our next segment, you see this same shot and you wonder what is going on. this is tahrir square. you have heard a great deal about it, liberation square, but i want you to see what it was like before all of this started. this is pretty much their central square, their version of washington's dupont or new new w york's columbus square, the american university of cairo, and sadat center, the central trapping hub with a lot of trains and buses connecting here and you
today, barack obama announced in springfield, illinois. four years later, why is he the only candidate in the 2012 race, as top republicans come for the annual conservative cattle call. what's taking them so long to get in the presidential campaign? >>> is osama bin laden no longer public enemy number one? the surprising assessment from top intelligence officials as congress gets its annual report on threats to the nation. the house intelligence committee leaders will be here with us live. >>> and has got to be a new land speed record for scandal. just three hours after a flirtacious photo, the congressman in question resigns. we'll have the blogger who broke the story here live. it's thursday, february 10th, i'm savannah guthrie. >> what a 24 hours in american politics in general. we had a senate retirement in jim webb, cpac starts, president is going on a trip. oh, by the way, egypt. anyway, but we're at the top and we're going to start right here. conservatives coming to washington. it's the all important cpac meeting, the unofficial start to the republican presidential primary is r
or is that not fair? >> i'm not a big fan of the obama administration, but i was marginally involved in discussions during the presidency of george w. bush about egypt, because they wanted to push egypt toward reform and nudge hosni mubarak toward reform. they were very concerned about the ways of hosni mubarak. and in the end, they pulled back from it. so i think there's plenty of blame to go around. this is a man who has been in power from reagan to obama. he's known five presidents, and he's picked the pocket and stiffed five presidents in a row. this kind of guessing who lost egypt and who should have known, i am really not interested in it. i wrote a lot about egypt trying to underline the troubles of the mubarak regime. it's really not about this debate in washington. it's really about this revolution in egypt and whether we go and embrace it and proclaim it and accept it as a legitimate revolution that a free people are entitled to. >> david, given the history with egypt, the american support of the mubarak regime for 30 years, how in your opinion have they been playing this, mixed messages
to cooperate with president obama on crucial national issues. house speaker, john and others had a nice lunch. they agreed to work together to improve the economy. >> we did have a fairly robust conversation about the need for all of us to work together to send a signal that we are serious about cutting spending. >> there's an agreement that we have to change the way washington works, particularly as it relates to spending. >> today was the first meeting between the president and gop leaders since republicans took control of the house. >>> congresswoman, gabrielle giffords has spoken for the first time since she was shot in the head in tucson. she made a request for breakfast. on monday, she asked for toast when her breakfast was delivered. doctors aren't saying how much more she may be speaking now, but they call it a breakthrough in her rehabilitation. giffords is at a rehab facility in houston recovering from a gun shot wound on january 8. six other people were killed in that attack. >>> he hasn't talked to me, i would have gone up with the fire. >> she escaped tragedy. now, she is head
. white house press secretary robert gibbs says president obama is following the breaking developments on the road in michigan. the president is scheduled to speak just 30 minutes from now. we'll, of course, bring that to you live. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. and we begin in egypt. thousands of people are packed into liberation square, hoping for the official word that mubarak is, indeed, leaving. reports are still trickling in about what is happening behind the scenes in cairo. it appears that the egyptian military has staged a kind of silent coup to force mubarak from power. within the past hour, mubarak apparently met with vice president suleiman, who is expected to take over, at least for a transition. our coverage continues with nbc's richard engel, "nbc nightly news" anchor and managing editor, brian williams, and nbc's rachel maddow. we begin in cairo with nbc's chief foreign correspondent, richard engel, who broke this story earlier today. richard, can you bring us up to date? >> reporter: we are waiting now for president mubarak to speak. we've been told that he wi
president obama, that he seemed to be expecting big news from president mubarak this morning. so, was this the news he expected? was he surprised? and what about mubarak's insi insistence that pressure from foreign powers is not going to move him? let's get the white house reaction from jake tapper. what about all of this? >> reporter: good evening, diane. i have to say, the chaos and confusion that so permeated throughout egypt made its way to the white house today. you're right, president obama seemed jubilant when he made remarks earlier today, talking about how we were witnessing history. though, he did not want to get ahead of what president mubarak was going to announce. and later came the news that president mubarak was not taking president obama's advice and including opposition leaders and not taking other concrete measures, lifting the emergency law immediately, as president obama asked him to do. though the white house right now is poring over mubarak and vice president suleiman's statements, trying to figure out what went on tonight, there is no concrete reaction. the
. >> as the administration works with egypt leaders, a new york report says that saudi arabia's king warned president obama in a phone call last month not to humiliate mubarak publicly. >>> after meeting with president obama and vice president joe biden for lunch at the white house yesterday the top three republicans in the house are now saying they thing they can come together with the administration on spending, trade çdeals, and the economy. we shall see. they were vague about specifics, but john boehner says the nature of the meeting was promising. >> i think it's clear that the president wants to find common ground with us. there are areas we're going to disagree about, but i think all of us know there are some issues that we can work on together. and whether it's education, whether it's tax policy, whether it's trade or even cutting spending, i think we can find common ground and show the american people that we're able to work together. >> we did have a fairly robust conversation about the need for all of us to work together to send a signal that we're serious about cutting spending. we had agreem
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. >>> the obama administration announced that a $53 billion plan to build a network of high-speed trains across the u.s. in fact, it's already made obama to win the election of 1836. >>> tonight he welcomes in jennifer aniston and piers morgan. that's "late night with jimmy fallon" on your local nbc station. >>> and it's time now for your "first look" at entertainment news. lindsay lohan was arraigned and then the judge who won't be giving her the star treatment. moments after she entered the guilty tree, the judge warned her the seriousness of the charge. he said you're no different than anyone else, so don't push your luck. if she's accused of breaking the law while free, he will have her held without bail. >>> elsewhere, thought of as a relatively happy couple in show business, yesterday ashlee simpson and pete wentz announced they're splitting up after less than three years of marriage. >>> three months into their marriage, katie perry is asking friends if they have recommendations for a therapist> reputation. jie think you can score with the evil stepmother. >> she can sell it. she's been
part, president obama in a speech in michigan thursday made no such definitive statement on his future. instead calling again for democratic reforms to start now and was careful to not directly call on mubarak. >> we want all egyptians to know that america will continue to do everything we can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy in egypt. >> reporter: earlier in the day, reports of mubarak's resignation were joined by reports of a possible military coup. egypt's army announced it took steps to safeguard the country. the question tonight, what step the army will take if protestors ignore the military's call to end demonstrations now. there seems to be a disconnect between the c -- cia and white house. is there an explanation why messages were different? >> reporter: the big surprise today, brian. rarely do you hear a cia director like leon pineta come out and say something definitively about what he expects to happen and it doesn't happen. the white house was asked about this today on air force one, robert gibs was asked about cia director pineta's statement and he
, but that is not what they heard. >> he gave president -- of power to the vice-president. >> earlier, president obama said he was following the developments and pledged the u.s. will do all it can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy. >> what is absolutely clear is that we are witnessing history unfold. it is a moment of transformation that is taking place because the fuel of egypt are calling for change. >> the military announced on state tv that it has stepped in to secure the country and promised protesters that their demands will be met. in washington, the cia director told the house intelligence committee the developments in egypt will have a tremendous impact. >> if it is done right, it will help us a great deal in trying to promote stability in that part of the world. if it happens wrong, it could create serious problems for us and for the rest of the world. >> president obama watch mubarak's speech aboard air force one and called for a security meeting at the white house. >> thousands of you received our breaking e-mail alert this afternoon telling you of the live video o
to the white house. headed straight to the dining room and met for about an hour with president obama. here is a sign of just how much things can change in washington over the course of a few months. if this meeting had happened, say, right after the mid term elections, who do you think would have the upper hand? president obama had just been handed an electoral drubbing, a shellacking in his words. republicans were feeling very, very mandaty about that. >> i am not going to compromise on my principles. >> first and foremost, we are not going to be willing to work with him on the expansive liberal agenda he's been about. >> there will be no compromise on repealing obama care, no compromise on stopping democrats from growing government and raising taxes, and if i hadn't been clear enough yet, let me say again, no compromise. >> no compromise. we are here to show the democrats who's boss. at that time it was essentially the morning after the mid term elections. president obama was arguably at the lowest point of his presidency. they talked about how mr. obamaç would have to bend to the will
rates businesses will be hit in the long term according to the "washington post" starting in 2014, obama would target companies for sharply higher payroll taxes to help states replenish their unemployment funds and repay their debts to washington. growing deficit and tax hikes on the horizon. how is this likely to play out for the president in the 2012 race? governor, i don't get it, the white house doesn't get it. again in two years we have the issue of raising taxes on small business. now they are going to tax small business here. what part of this is not going to help the economy do you think they don't get? >> that is why the poll numbers are reflective of the public's per self watch is really going on. -- perception of what is really going on. the policies lack the soundness we you consider the idea of bailing out states that is going to be the answer to these problems. no, the poll numbers reflect that americans, at this point are saying, enough is enough. this ain't our first rodeo. after two years of failed leftist policies we are not believing growing more government and taxing
of the things that's made this so fascinating is that while president obama has faced foreign policy changes before, afghanistan, north korea, this is the first one that is coming at this whitehouse in real time. where they're having to adjust their rhetoric and positions to events they really can't control. they're missing a whole lot of leverage. what i find most fascinating in my most recent conversations with whitehouse officials who are dealing with this, is that they now recognize that the american aid to egypt which is $1.5 a year isn't much leverage. much is in military equipment and most of the jobs back here. their real leverage at this point is the fact that the protesters still keep coming out in the street including today at the beginning of the rolling strikes around the country. and so now the obama administration finds itself in the odd position that in order to get to that stability that they cherish and to get to the elections that they need to have and the constitutional reforms, they really need the protesters to stay out on the street. they need to foment a good deal of
and the will of the people will not be broken. >> it was not what the obama administration expected either. they say the world is watching as history unfolds. >> it is a glut of transformation taking place because the people of egypt are calling for change. >> tonight, a bar remains president of egypt. as the clock strikes midnight, the crisis entered its 18th day with no end in sight. >> president obama reportedly watched the speech on air force one and will be with the national security team tonight. >>> abc 7 news will continue to monitor the latest from egypt. for complete coverage of the situation got a stay right here. >>> we are following a developing story from arizona. late today, the governor announced plans to file a countersuit against the federal government for failure to enforce immigration laws. last april, she signed a law requiring police officers to check the immigration status of people stopped for questioning. the measure sparked controversy and today, the governor pledged to file a counterclaim, say the federal government has failed in its responsibility. >> also in arizona, rep
guidelines were developed during the end of the bush administration and ultimately approved under the obama administration and signed by the current attorney general. the key piece here, if i may, is that you have to -- obviously, there are going to be places where you have to do law enforcement investigations. in my view, you have to have a balanced approach of not just those law enforcement investigations, but you have to engage with those communities with other non-law enforcement elements of the u.s. government to make sure this is not an adversarial situation. in fact, this is a partnership. and as you know well, many of our tips to uncover active terrorist plots here in the united states have come from the muslim community. so we have to make quite clear that the communities are part of the solution and not part of the problem. and you do that through using a variety of tools, not just law enforcement. >> time of the gentlelady has expired. dr. brown of georgia. >> thank you, mr. chairman. secretary, director, i appreciate y'all being here today. i have several pressing questions for
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